Every so often I spend time going through old notebooks and files. I look at the the stories I’ve started, the ideas I’ve jotted down, the fragments I’ve saved because someday, yes, someday, I would craft them into something interesting.

And then I put them all away again thinking, maybe tomorrow, maybe the next day, maybe someday but probably never.

This isn’t meant to be depressing. There have been periods in my life where I was quite prolific and other stretches where… not so much. Maybe, now, looking at the scraps and growing comfortable that they won’t emerge into anything, I can think of leaving them behind as a type of inbox zero. As ideas that will stay with me but don’t necessarily need to be acted upon.

Notes: Illustration created with Adobo Fresco which is fun and I’m just starting to learn.

Originally published at https://michael.cervieri.com on October 20, 2020.