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Skeptical diginaut. I play with the paywall here but everything’s available at


  • Karl Pawlewicz

    Karl Pawlewicz

    The Voice of @Olark | Host of ‘All my friends are dads’ podcast | Founder, Self-Improvement Saturdays | “Someday, everything is gonna sound like a rhapsody.”

  • Jan Bush

    Jan Bush

    Life Adventurer | Communicator | Mentor | My tweets? My own.

  • Scott Edward Carver

    Scott Edward Carver

    Native Oregonian & Frontend Web Developer with @Pollinate.

  • nathalie malinarich

    nathalie malinarich

    Mobile editor, BBC News online. Views are mine, not the BBC's, etc.

  • Colleen Masefield McCarthy

    Colleen Masefield McCarthy

    Seeker of good storytellers; history lover. Strategy + Audience @retroreport. Previous gigs: @nymag, @nytimes, @wsj

  • Cohesive Support

    Cohesive Support

    Digital Tech Support For Your Home and Small Biz

  • Anne Nelson

    Anne Nelson

    Author, lecturer, consultant.

  • Brittany Binowski

    Brittany Binowski

    Astrologer. Journalist. Previously managing editor @OlympiaMedia, community @HuffingtonPost, audience @Forbes. @Studio20NYU alum.

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